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THE LOOK PREMIERE DATE:  September, 2001

VIDEO: Bubblegum Crisis (original),

               Cowboy Bebop, Dirty Pair 

               (original) and Orange Road

MUSIC:  The Look

                 by Roxette



                           Matrox RT2500 card

                           Adobe Premiere 6.0



AWA 7 Masters


AnimeExpo 2002

   - Best Action/Adventure  finalist


I've now been in Anime since 1985 so I wanted to create a video to what I thought captures one of the unique looks in anime, that being legendary female characters with guns and an attitude.

This song takes advantage of the extensive beats of the song and took over 2 months to complete. Although the style is very much different than most of the entries into the Masters competition at AWA (Usually they are sentimental/Dramatic), I though I'd enter it just to be a bit different.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO  (Mpeg1 - 55 meg)

DDR3: Upside Down PREMIERE DATE:  September, 2001

VIDEO: Ranma 1/2

MUSIC:  DDR3, Track 24:

                Upside Down


EQUIPMENT:  PIII 700 - DC50 card

                           Adobe Premiere 5.1




Dance Dance Revolution 

3rd Mix Project


This was the Second Track I did for the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Project. I took this track and stared on it 2 1/2 weeks before AWA since no one else took it and the project need to be completed.

I had a hard time trying to pick an anime to fit the music, and finally settled on Ranma 1/2. I originally was just going to only use 3 DVDs from the series, but found I didn't have enough source material. I ended up renting an additional 20 tapes of Ranma to get all the footage I need.

In the end although it was a rush job, it turned out Ok and seems to work with the music.


DOWNLOAD VIDEO  (Mpeg1 - 23 meg)


VIDEO: Those Who Hunt Elves

MUSIC:  DDR3, Track 16:

                Gentle Stress


EQUIPMENT:  PIII 700 - DC50 card

                           Adobe Premiere 5.1




Dance Dance Revolution 

3rd Mix Project



This was the first track I did for the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix project the premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 7.

It was done to Those Who Hunt Elves since I've always wanted to use that anime, but could not assemble enough clips from the subtitled edition I have access to. Most of the clips have been manipulated speed wise since the music is quite fast. I used some overlays of characters in some areas such as the Elves screaming and the characters at the end of the video.

In the end I like the way this video turned out and felt it captures the crazy feel of Those Who Hunt Elves.


DOWNLOAD VIDEO  (Mpeg1 - 19 meg)


VIDEO: Various Miyazaki/Studio 

                Ghibli Works LDs

MUSIC:  The Mummer's Dance 

                 by Loreena McKennitt


EQUIPMENT:  PIII 700 - DC50 card

                           Adobe Premiere 5.1

                           Adobe Photoshop 5.0

                           Adobe After Effects 4.0



AnimeExpo 2001

     - Best Drama

Otakon 2001
     - Best  Dramatic/Sentimental Viewers 

Choice Awards 2002

     - Best Sentimental

     - Best Artistic


I have always wanted to do a music video tribute to Miyazaki ever since I got my Studio Ghibli Laser disk box set about 3 years ago. Trouble was I never could find a song worthy. When I finally diecided to make the video, Loreena McKennitt's Murmmers' Dance seemed to be the perfect choice. Originally I started to use the short version, but found I could not make my concept fit and therefore went to the extended 6 minute version.

I spent well over 3 months assembling this video. The planning and video clip capturing alone took one month. I wanted to show the different themes of Miyazaki and how he has incorporated them in his work. From the start I planned to use a Photo Album like approach since I though how one remembers memories when looking at photographs. I used extensive use of Photoshop to create the photographs that changed to the animated scene. I then used After Effects to zoom out and show all the photographs.  This video had a ton of overlapping effects such as Porco Rosso's plane flying across the Tigermoth from Laputa or the Angel from On Your Mark flying into the sky with the Tigermoth.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO   (Mpeg1 - 66 meg)


VIDEO: Slayers, Slayers Next  DVDs

MUSIC:  Boom 

                 by Trinket 


EQUIPMENT:  PIII 700 - DC50 card

                           Adobe Premiere 5.1




AnimeExpo 2001

     - Best Comedy finalist

AWA 7 Professional Contest


When I first heard this song, I though it would be perfect for Slayers. Although the song is somewhat comical, I did put meaning into this video since its focus is on the rather painful love affair Gowrey has with Lina, thus the title Love Hurts.  This video took 2 months to complete and has some very tine consuming visuals in it.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO  ( Mpeg1 - 43 meg)

  Vlad G. Pohnert - October, 2003